At Charlatte Manutention we are aware that our activities and products have an impact on the environment.

As an organization with our goal to create quality products, Charlatte has to continuously improve its ways to minimize this impact.

We are all concerned with this and as an organization we strive for the same environmental policy with our dealers and suppliers.

Charlatte complies fully with the environmental laws and regulations

Environmental policy

  • Within the barriers of what is economically feasible, Charlatte will maintain the highest technical standards and avoid or limit any possible environmental damage.
  • The potential of environmental damage will be monitored, to avoid or minimise any effects.
  • Charlatte supports the principals of sustainable production.
  • Charlatte encourages the suppliers to have the same attitude towards the environment.
  • Charlatte supports environmental awareness amongst our employees.
  • Charlatte has a policy of “Lean Manufacturing”. This philosophy could best be described as doing more with less. The aim is to remove all unnecessary actions during the working process. This has a positive influence on the use of environmentally harmful materials and energy consumption.


Charlatte wants to decrease the general energy consumption by applying the best available technology, keeping in mind cost efficiency.

Use of paper

Charlatte has a policy to reduce paper use by attention to paper-saving procedures and devices. With a long term goal to be a paperless organisation.


Charlatte reduces the environmental impact of waste by optimizing the waste collection.

Continuous improvement

At Charlatte, Health & safety inspections are held regularly. As well as a policy on working conditions, the environmental policy is also an important part of these procedures.  These results are added to the list of actions, which are followed up and monitored.